Why I'm here

My mom was diagnosed with dementia in 2014. This disease is unpredictable, unforgiving, frustrating, and sad. The emotional side of being the child of a person with dementia is tough. There is no real path to follow, no chance of recovery, and good days are replaced by good moments. I’ve visited dementia and Alzheimer's disease information sites and read a few blogs on caring for a parent with dementia thinking I could find a kindred spirit or two to learn from. I even briefly joined a Facebook page for caregivers – I left within a week because I couldn’t read any more stories of despair, the sacrificing of family and self, and the sugar-coated mantra of how lucky we should feel that we have been given the honor of taking care of a parent who took care of us. I take care of her because I am all she has. I take care of her because I love her.