Where we are now

My mom, Patty, is 78, has dementia, and uses a walker. She always described herself as a tall, slim blonde and that’s exactly how she will always see herself. She’s in assisted living; no need for memory care yet since she isn’t a flight risk. The one time she did venture out the front door of her facility she had to wait for someone to let her back in. The door wasn’t locked, and the handicap button worked perfectly; she just didn’t press it hard enough and didn’t remember to go to the default door opening procedure…reach out and pull. We have since gone over the mechanics of door opening a number of times so she doesn’t find herself in a similar pickle. She never goes outside, even to the inner courtyards, unless I'm with her so I'll never know if she figured it out. I do have to keep in mind that this is the woman who, even on her best and brightest day pre-dementia, couldn’t figure out how to use the seat-belt in my car. I drive a Honda. She did, too. Go figure that one out.