I am the daughter of a parent with dementia. I want to share what I’m going through because what I've found and read has not come close to describing the reality of watching the mom I have known disappear. I also want to share what I learn along the way and, hopefully, help someone else in the same situation feel not so alone. It's not all bad, it's certainly not all depressing. Added bonus, I'm learning more about myself everyday. Sometimes you have to laugh; you can't make this stuff up.

I also want to tell you about who she was. She laughed, she played, she fell in love, she had her heart broken, she had wonderful friends who loved her, and she was a mom. She wasn’t perfect, no one is; but just like me and perhaps just like you, she looked down in wonder the first time she held her baby in her arms, she held hands with her husband, she told her parents goodbye, and lived her life the best she could.